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About The Raffle

At The Raffle, a free prize competition our complete focus is on making the procedure as simple as possible so that every online raffle lover can enjoy it to their heart’s content. We take much pride in stating that each and every customer registered on our site has praised for giving them a platform that has enhanced their love for the game. We take pride in selling raffle tickets in our online giveaway to play you must be 18years and over be sure to subscribe to the news feed and proceed as  follows:

  • Get yourself signed up on the raffle if you are willing to play.
  • You just need to provide your name, email id, and postal address.
  • Browse over the four raffles to check whether there is any item of your desire.
  • Decide whether you are willing to buy a raffle ticket for that specific item.
  • Click on the image and get to see its complete description displayed alongside the picture.
  • The picture and the description will offer you a better viewing so that you can confirm your decision to buy it.
  • Make sure to check out the starting and finishing date if you are willing to know the duration of the raffle.
  • Purchase a ticket and you will be receiving an email from us confirming your raffle ticket number.
  • This email containing your raffle ticket number will act as the proof that you have entered the draw.
  • Wait till the finish date of the game and you might become the winner.
  • The item you have selected will be delivered to your house through the postal address provided by you during the registration.

Few Vital Points To Consider

  • You can exercise complete freedom while purchasing a ticket of your desire.
  • You are free to buy as many tickets you want as there are no limits.
  • The email we send will be one of the prime proofs confirming that you have entered into the draw so treat it carefully.
  • Purchasing tickets for a specific draw will become impossible once the raffle date has ended.
  • Until a raffle start date has been put up, you can’t purchase tickets for pending draws.
  • The prizes one can win during the game will be authentic and entirely different with a different genre. 
  • To enter by post send us the relevant information to 3rd floor the pinnacle centre court station way Crowley West Sussex RH10 1JH United Kingdom.

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